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July 8th - CCSD Parent Forms available to fill out. 

August 3rd - Community Clean Up, 8-10 AM.

August 5th - Postcards with teacher assignment mailed out.

August 6th - Kindergarten meet the teacher & assessment

August 8th - Welcome Back Night, 4-6 PM

August 12th - 3rd/4th/5th grade first day of school

August 13th - 1st/2nd first day of school

August 14th - ALL STUDENTS ATTEND. Kindergarten first day of school.

August 14th - Kindie Parent coffee.

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Fox Hollow PTO

Our Mission

Fox Hollow's PTO mission is to build strong relationships between parents, teachers, and students. To provide  essential funding to help enrich all students’ academic experience, while creating a strong school community  through social events and activities. 

The PTO board is composed of parents who want the best school experience for their kids and put their time into supporting Fox Hollow’s changing needs by raising funds for our school and planning community events. Many of the PTO board participants are seasoned Fox Hollow parents, while some have been at Fox Hollow for a short time. Either way, we encourage you to get involved and help keep Fox Hollow a great place for our children to learn.

What does fundraising support? 

  • Improvements and additions to the school grounds for all students to enjoy! 

    • PTO Garden - an outdoor learning space for all students​

    • Outdoor seating area & shade for alternate classroom options, reading buddies, lunch buddies or meetings.

  • PTO Sponsored educational project that benefits the entire school.​

    • 2023-24 school year: ​

      • Kindergarten - 2nd grade project: Bug Hunt

      • 3rd - 5th grade project: Indoor Grow Lamps

  • Teaching Assistants - TAs are a vital support system for our teachers and students. The PTO supplements TA salaries so the school is able to hire additional staff.

  • Technology - including computers, and white boards.

  • Teacher Appreciation Events - a small part of our budget is used to honor our hardworking teachers and staff.

  • Social Events – All of our social events and fundraisers are supported by PTO, which means any of the funds raised go back to our school.

  • Newest additions:

    • SHADE for the outdoor seating area by the cafeteria.

    • A new electronic marquee

    • Community Garden expansion


2023-24 PTO Board members:

President - Jackie Buchanan & Jill Armayor

Treasurer - Tim Pray

Secretary & Social Media: Sara Olmsted

VP of Hospitality - Lisa Deickman

Co-VP of Social Events - Shannon Hachmeister & Candace Tompkins

VP of Communications - Bonnie Weeber

VP of Sponsorship - Jennifer Kim

VP of Community & Wellness - Megan Miller

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